Hi everyone. My name is Paul Sztorc.

Guitar Hero Figure 1: PSztorc shredding on the plastic Wiimote Guitar.

I created ‘Truthcoin’ last December, because I just couldn’t live in a world without The Temple of Knowledge, InTrade.com.

Death and Birth. Figure 2: Death, yet also Birth.

Three Goals

However, it turns out that, from a technical perspective, the idea of “getting reliable data into the blockchain” has other cool uses (namely, the fabled ‘BitUSD’, IC Public Goods Provision, and ‘Smart Contracts’. That’s one of the reasons I’m starting this blog, to explain the concept. Only 10 or so people around the net understood InTrade, or why it was important, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

A second reason is that: The time for Truthcoin is NOW! Sidechains are here! So time to promote.

However, my third reason is to criticize other ideas, which I see as “not very good”. I hope to take criticism in return, as only through honesty can we speed up evolution.

(Micro)Econ, Not Tech

I’ll be blogging about what I know: “incentives”, “mechanisms”, “coalitions”, “strategic equilibrium”, and other tractable predictions of human behavior. I won’t be talking about tech/cryptography (I won’t be inventing new crypto-tools, just using existing ones), and I probably won’t be talking about macro (GDP, Inflation, relationship between Government Spending and x, etc). My favorite micro subject is of course knowledge: learning, meta-knowledge, mutual / common, signaling, asymmetric info, induction, etc., so that topic will probably feature heavily.

Of course, I will discuss the design of Truthcoin, my invention, which I consider to be a microeconomic technology and not a cryptographic technology.

Finally, I reserve the right to re-use items I’ve already written via forum / email / document / email.

Let There Be Blog!