Project Has Moved, Blog Remains

Hello! A project and a blog once lived here. Now, by popular demand, my project has changed its name to Hivemind and found a new home. (All old hyperlinks will continue to work.)

Still, this blog remains!

It’s a great blog.

Consistently winning praise, retweets, and upvotes from Bitcoin Experts around the web, this blog is famous for getting the “last word” on topics such as:

What’s the Point?

My interests are uses of P2P blockchain technology (ie, blockchains without a mailing address), and in how blockchain-users can resolve disputes over what the blockchain should contain or do.

Although most attempts to use Bitcoin beyond payments have failed horribly, I have my own non-Bitcoin Blockchain-project here!

Read my “modern” views on “Bitcoin Maximalism” (April 2018).

Know your stuff!


Email: truthcoin /at/gmail/

PGP Key: F162C410