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Hello! A project and a blog once lived here. Now, by popular demand, my project has changed its name to Hivemind and found a new home. (All old hyperlinks will continue to work.)

Still, this blog remains!

It’s a great blog.

Consistently winning praise, retweets, and upvotes from Bitcoin Experts around the web, this blog is famous for getting the “last word” on topics such as:

What’s the Point?

The synthesis of everything that I’ve written so far is that Bitcoin is a specific solution to a specific problem. Attempts to generalize Bitcoin’s “blockchain” to new areas will, in general, end in failure.

Ironically, I’ve done exactly such a generalization with my own Bitcoin 2.0 project! And, believe it or not, I even have two other Bitcoin 2.0 projects planned!

So I suppose the real message is “you’d better run it by me first”, or “read this blog to learn about the things you should avoid”.

Read my “modern” views on “Bitcoin Maximalism” (April 2018).

Know your stuff!


As of June 2018 I am full-time employed at Tierion. Those seeking advice, reports, consulting, software, etc, of the enterprise-quality, should contact Tierion.

The opinions expressed here are my own and not at all necessarily shared by Tierion. In general, I cannot understate the complexity of modern blockchain technology. Many of the smartest, most experienced, and most-hardworking people I have ever met, have worked in this area and made mistakes and embarassed themselves (myself included, of course). Anyone with a shred of wisdom will think twice, preferably several times, before relying on any of the blockchain-information presented here.


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