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Hello! A project and a blog once lived here. Now, by popular demand, my project has changed its name to Hivemind and found a new home. (All old hyperlinks will continue to work.)

Still, this blog remains!

It’s a great blog.

Consistently winning praise, retweets, and upvotes from Bitcoin Experts around the web, this blog is famous for getting the “last word” on topics such as:

What’s the Point?

The synthesis of everything that I’ve written so far is that Bitcoin is a specific solution to a specific problem. Attempts to generalize Bitcoin’s “blockchain” to new areas will, in general, end in failure.

Ironically, I’ve done exactly such a generalization with my own Bitcoin 2.0 project! And, believe it or not, I even have two other Bitcoin 2.0 projects planned!

So I suppose the real message is “you’d better run it by me first”, or “read this blog to learn about the things you should avoid”.

On that note: every single entity on coinmarketcap.com, with the exception of Bitcoin, and, arguably, the Bitcoin-metacoins, is inherently flawed. By this, I mean, each has a negative economic value and should be abandoned. Even the metacoins won’t last, they are inferior to imminently-arriving alternatives.

Know your stuff!


As of March 2016 I am full-time employed at Bloq. Those seeking advice, reports, consulting, software, etc, of the enterprise-quality, should contact sales@bloq.com.

The opinions expressed here are my own and not at all necessarily shared by Bloq Inc. In general, I cannot understate the complexity of modern blockchain technology. Many of the smartest, most experienced, and most-hardworking people I have ever met, have worked in this area and made mistakes and embarassed themselves (myself included, of course). Anyone with a shred of wisdom will think twice, preferably several times, before relying on any of the blockchain-information presented here. I happen to believe that this is the best blockchain-econ writing on the internet (I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t think people needed to read it), but just because it is “the best”, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is “any good”.


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